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Software Testing MCQ Questions 2023: Software testing is a professional careers for many of as. That’s why we have listed 30 important latest software testing multiple choice questions and answers are given below. This is the most important for candidate who are searching jobs in software side. You can learn quickly and implement new ideas from Software Testing. With so many opportunities for self-education in recent times, you can easily get the jobs in the software testing industry. Candidate who wants to get jobs in software testing, You must develop your skills as well as enhance your knowledge.

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1. Software Testing MCQ Questions 2023 Overview

Article NameSoftware Testing
Number of Questions30

2. Questions and Answers for Software Testing MCQ

1. Which of the following is not a valid phase of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)?

A. Requirement Phase

B. Testing closure

C. Testing Phase

D. Deployment phase

Answer: Testing closure

2. Which of the following testing is related to the boundary value analysis?

A. Black Box testing

B. White box and black box testing

C. White-box testing

D. None of these

Answer: Black Box testing

3. What are the different levels of Testing?

A. Unit testing

B. System testing

C. Integration testing

D. All of the above

Answer: All of the above

4. Which of the following is not a part of STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle)?

A. Testing Planning

B. Requirement Gathering

C. Testing Planning

D. Test Design

Answer: Requirement Gathering

5. Which of the following testing is also known as white-box testing?

A. Design based testing

B. Structural Testing

C. Error guessing technique

D. All of above

Answer: Structural Testing

6. Which of the below is not a part of the Test Plan?

A. Risk

B. Schedule

C. Entry and exit criteria

D. Incident reports

Answer: Incident reports

7. Which of the following is not part of the Test document?

A. Test strategy

B. Test Case

C. Requirements Traceability Matrix [RTM]

D. Project Initiation Note [PIN]

Answer: Project Initiation Note [PIN]

8.  Functional testing is a ______________

A. Type of Testing

B. Test design technique

C. SDLC Model

D. Test level

Answer: Type of Testing

9.  White box testing techniques are?

A. Decision coverage testing

B. Data flow testing

C. Statement coverage testing

D. All of the above

Answer: All of the above

10. Which methodology is used to performed Maintenance testing?

A. Breadth test and depth test

B. Confirmation testing

C. Sanity testing

D. Retesting

Answer: Breadth test and depth test

11. What is the key objective of Integration testing?

A. Interface Errors

B. None of the mentioned

C. Design Errors

D. Procedure Errors

Answer: Interface Errors

12. Which term is used to define testing?

A. Evaluating deliverable to find errors

B. A stage of all projects

C. Finding broken code

D. All of the Above

Answer: Evaluating deliverable to find errors

13. Which of the following is black box testing?

A. Boundary value analysis

B. Basic path testing

C. Code path analysis

D. None of the above

Answer: Boundary value analysis

14. Unit testing is done by________

A. Customers

B. Developers

C. Users

D. None of above

Answer: Developers

15. Which tool would you use if a programmer wanted to express algorithm visually?

A. Pseudocode

B. Graphical user interface

C. Flowchart

D. Storyboard

Answer: Flowchart

16. Software engineering approach is used to achieve_________

A. Error free software

B. Reusable software

C. Quality software product

D. Better performance of hardware

Answer: Quality software product

17. ___________ loops fall between single and nested loops with respect to test cases.

A. Horrible

B. Concatenated

C. Nested

D. None of the above

Answer: Concatenated

18. If requirements are easily understandable and defined, which model is best suited?

A. Prototyping Model

B. V-Model

C. Waterfall Model

D. Spiral Model

Answer: Waterfall Model

19. In coin problem where to occur Data Defect____________

A. Array value 2 times

B. Array value  times

C. Array value 4 times

D. Array value 3 times

Answer: Array value 2 times

20. A _____________can be regarded as any failure to address end-user requirements.

A. Software error

B. Software failure

C. Software bug

D. Software Defect

Answer: Software Defect

21. Which testing technique is used for usability testing?

A. Combination of all

B. Black Box testing

C. Grey box testing

D. White-box testing

Answer: Black Box testing

22. Which Test Document is used to define the Exit Criteria of Testing?

A. Test Summary Report

B. Defect Report

C. Test Case

D. Test Plan

Answer: Test Plan

23. The other name for bug is known as____________

A. Defect

B. Failure

C. Anomaly

D. Fault

Answer: Anomaly

24. The customer may provide insufficient or incorrect information causes____________

A. failure

B. fault

C. defects

D. error

Answer: error

25. What is the full form of SRS?

A. System responds software

B. Software respond system

C. System requirements specification

D. Software requirements specification

Answer: Software requirements specification

26. _________ are the problems that threaten the success of a project but which has not yet happened.

A. Bug

B. Risk

C. Failure

D. Error

Answer: Risk

27. “V” model is?

A. Test Level

B. Test type

C. Test design technique

D. Software development testing (SDLC) model

Answer: Software development testing (SDLC) model

28. ____________ are those software mistakes that occurred during the coding phase?

A. Bugs

B. Failures

C. Defects

D. Errors

Answer: Bugs

29. Which of the below testing is related to Non-functional testing?

A. Black-box Testing

B. Unit Testing

C. Reliability Testing

D. None of the above

Answer: Reliability Testing

30. The Decision table testing is a__________?

A. Black Box Test Design Technique

B. White box Test Design Technique

C. Experience-based Test Design Technique

D. Grey Box Test Design Technique

Answer: Black Box Test Design Technique

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