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Ara Rezaee
Ara Rezaee
Looks amazing and works perfectly. Gives you simple understandable data and it also provides you some advanced tools when you need them.
Posted 3 months ago
SiNa Parastar
SiNa Parastar
So useful and powerfull app, it is in my daily use and sejam authentication for me works great!
Posted 10 months ago
The charts don't open settings , and I can't change the Style of Price Do something for this bug !
Posted 6 months ago
Armin p
Armin p
Very useful app. Interface and updates are very good. Thank you for your app👍
Posted 11 months ago

سیگنال Description

The signal solves all your financial information needs using the most reputable and up-to-date sources in the form of a user-friendly software and will help you to be aware of your capital growth opportunities.

Features of the signal application:
Ability to register and authenticate in absentia in the SJAM system

Simultaneous access to stock market information and news, investment funds, bank loans, debt securities, gold, currency, digital currency and basic goods

Monitoring market moments

Access to the latest financial market analysis and articles
Access to a variety of calculators in bank calculations, gold, currency and bonds

The following financial markets are currently supported in Signal Software:

Stock market
Providing an overview of the market and introducing stocks with the most real / legal sales

Complete information on the loans paid by all banks in the country, along with the introduction of each bank's systems

Digital currency
Momentary prices of digital currencies with weekly, monthly, 6-month, annual and multi-year charts
Currency prices in the open market, the Senate system and the Nima system, along with the rate of change

Real and up-to-date prices of all kinds of gold and coin grades
Investment funds
Information on the return on equity, mixed and fixed income investment funds, along with their price charts and assets.

Debt securities
Provide an overview of the market and information on bonds with periodic interest and interest maturity

Primary goods
View base metal prices, precious metals and oil and its derivatives along with advanced charts

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