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Money by  mathies

Money by mathies

Represent amounts using these realistic images of Canadian coins and bills.
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M Peake
M Peake
I downloaded this apps as my daughter's teacher recommended it .. This apps doesn't even work. It keeps crashing and stop working .. Deleted it!!
Posted 1 year ago
Alexiss Humby
Alexiss Humby
It keeps crashing 😾
Posted 7 months ago
Ariana Libertad
Ariana Libertad
hi, i downloaded this app and I cant figure out how to do anything on it. Please help?
Posted 1 year ago
Diana Fudge
Diana Fudge
need american money
Posted 2 years ago

Money by mathies Description

Represent various money amounts using these realistic images of Canadian coins and bills.

Mathematical Concepts:

Create visual representations that help explore mathematical thinking related to:

● Estimating and counting the value of a collection of money
● Skip counting using the value of one of the coins or bills
● Representing the relationship between coins and bills. (e.g., There are 8 quarters in a toonie)
● Adding and subtracting money amounts by making simulated purchases and providing change
● Exploring place value and unit conversions
● Multiplicative thinking
● Anchors of 2, 5 and 10


● Customize the allowable set of currencies
● Resize images for easier manipulation
● Show labels indicating the value of each currency
● Set the units of these labels to indicate dollars or cents
● Set the number of copies to drag from the cash drawer
● Step through a history of your work with the undo/redo buttons
● Check to see how many of each type of currency are in the workspace
● Multiple select items in the workspace, then copy, move or recycle as a group
● Communicate your thinking or highlight various features of your representation using the built-in annotation tool.
● Import multiple images, position and resize them
● Switch between English and French

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